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Rfid Asset Tracking

Rfid Asset Tracking

Big firms overspend on technology by as much as $1.6 billion but, luckily, RFID asset tracking chips can help. Make technology audits easy with advanced technology from ENASYS.

How can I control technology costs?

The average organization used 110 pieces of software in 2021 according to IT giant SAS. This software runs on computers, tablets, and phones given to employees.

Hardware is also a major source of pain. Experts recommend updating hardware every five years. This often leaves long-term hires with multiple laptops or other devices. Even new hires may request multiple computers.

Rather than simply sending out a new device or paying for more technology, you can track what you have and reuse it. With a specialized electronic recycling partner, you can also gain back money as well.

Tracking Hardware and Other Electronic Assets

Technology auditing is the single best way to understand where your assets are. There is nothing worse than misplacing a device, especially when government regulations impose heavy fines for a potential data breach.

Tagging and tracking equipment is an important part of the auditing process. You need to spend the time to assign a unique identifier and collect information on everything you own. Only then can you maximize the benefits of knowledge-based decision making.

How do I track my electronics?

Businesses rely on rfid chips, bar codes, and many other technologies to know exactly where their assets are. RFID chips are particularly useful.

This technology:

  • Tracks hardware
  • Maintains information about a device
  • Can help you determine if equipment is missing
  • Can be combined with the right software to know where your equipment should be

Avoid data breaches and understand how technology is used with an RFID chip. Even if these devices do not provide real-time updates, they are more difficult to manipulate than software. They also add an extra layer of identification for every device.

Combining RFID Chips with Asset Tracking Software

An RFID chip is only as powerful as the software behind it. Many companies, even small businesses, have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of assets to track. A spreadsheet would take a dedicated employee or even team to maintain.

Enasys lets you track equipment with ease. Every chip scans into the system and is easily accessible with vital information such as location, name, and asset class. This lets you determine the exact purpose of hardware and plan for the future.

Do RFID chips work?

The most important question everyone has is whether microchips work. There is substantial proof that they do, especially when coupled with proper procedures and policies.

Equipment moves, uses change, and not every request involves outdated or unusable hardware. You can find efficiencies in every tag. With costs rising, even a modest savings provides vital money for other goods and services.

RFID Asset Tracking

Companies overspend on technology. RFID asset tracking is a crucial part of securing your data and lowering costs. With the right software, every audit maximizes the money you spend.

To get started tagging and tracking your hardware, contact ENASYS today.

Rfid Asset Tracking
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