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Sign Types

Signs for Businesses and Why You Need It

Signs as a form of marketing are archaic but still surprisingly effective and relevant in this day and age. A lot of business owners no longer pay that much attention to their business’ signs just because there are now more modern methods of branding such as internet advertising.

But did you know that incorporating signs in your small or large business can actually offer a myriad of benefits? First on the list is its efficacy. According to statistics and studies conducted by experts, about 50% of customers that walk in your business establishment are lured by signs outside or around your physical store. That offers practically half of your potential daily sales!

Benefits of Signs for Your Business

Take into consideration the following benefits signs can offer your business:

  1. Cheapest form of advertising It’s cheap and goes a long way. While most forms of modern advertising such as internet advertising or print advertising are costly and tend to have an expiry period, signs do not. You can put up a huge advertising signage in front of your store and only take it out when you have a new offer. It allows you to update your discount offers or inform people about new products without worrying about lofty advertising costs.
  2. It easily reaches your target market If you own a physical store, your target market is obviously the people in the vicinity or neighboring towns. Signs get your name out there and help your potential customers become aware of your brand or business.
    Furthermore, it also targets new customers – customers that might otherwise miss your internet or print advertising. For instance, if someone new moves into town, they’d easily see what you are offering or easily be introduced to your business, thanks to your effective signages.
  3. You can increase profits with signs If your business becomes noticeable, you will attract more customers. More customers translate to more profits. Having signs disseminated around town, for instance, can amp up your credibility and can increase customer awareness without spending more money.
    Reports suggest that the bigger the sign, the more likely your business is to increase in sales. Even just one signage, placed strategically in the store, can already increase your sales by the thousands!
  4. You have more money to invest in something else Rather than spend thousands on advertising, you can save that money on signs. The money you saved on advertising can be invested on something that might further improve your business such as new interior design or new equipments.
  5. Signages might be a requirement for loans Thinking of getting a loan? You would be surprised to find out that one of the possible requirements for getting a loan is having signs for your business.
  6. Helps establish your brand Constant exposure to the public eye helps put your brand name out there. If you are a relatively new business trying to establish a good reputation, putting up signs are good way to get instantly noticed.

Getting a Sign for Your Business

Signs come in different sizes and forms. When you are thinking of putting them up for your growing company, you might want to look for the best sign company that can help you come up with a great concept and help you produce quality signages.

Here are some of the things you need to consider in a sign company:

  1. Experience. Don’t settle for just about any sign company. There’s really no substitute for experience. Companies with years of experience under their belt are more likely to understand what signs you really need for your business. This way, they can tell you what signs to use that will really boost profits and help you cut down on costs.
  2. Technology. Do they have the technology needed to produce top-notch signs? Find out what they use when producing signages. It is also essential to learn if they have the latest trends or technologies so you can keep up with the demands of today’s society.
  3. Services. It’s a good idea to stick to just one company to partner up when it comes to your signage needs. Go ahead and look for a company that offers it all – from billboards and banners to car decals and illuminated signages.
  4. Price. Of course, you’d want to look for a sign company that offers reasonable deals. You don’t want to be short-changed on quality though so the company should offer both quality and good cost.

It’s better to have your signs put up sooner than later. Talk to a good sign company and discuss about your brand and what you need to boost your company’s image.

Sign Types

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Our sign types include ADA signs, architectural signage, digital signage, LED signs, monument signs, and channel letter signs. We can also make the most striking printed graphics, sandwich board signs, vinyl decals, stickers, vehicle graphics and lettering, vehicle wraps, 3M products, vinyl frosting, window lettering, banners, pylon signs, neon signs, solar signs, and projecting signs for restaurants, retail, schools, hotels, dealerships, churches, and businesses.

We use high quality and durable materials that can best emphasize the message of your signage. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry because we have cost-effective solutions for your signage needs that won’t compromise the durability and quality of your signs. Kindly browse this page to learn more or call Signco Graphic Supply at (306) 569-0501.