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Tradeshow Displays

A tradeshow is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your company and amplify its reach. It gives you a platform to reach out to your customers, develop a new clientele, and see what the rest of the competition has to offer. Developing a great trade show exhibit requires the investment of your time, money and effort. However, with the right strategy, joining one could become a profitable choice.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to tradeshow is creating an impactful, strong presence that will make your brand stand out. Your booth, for instance, says a lot about your business personality. The layout, the design and the colors that showcase your business can either make or break a good impression. Just as how much you invest in training your staff and improving your company profile, you must also pay attention to the appearance of your booth.

Tradeshow displays Regina marks the difference between an ordinary exhibit booth, to extraordinary. With colorful signage, you can easily attract the public’s attention. It lets them know of your products and services at a glance. And, with smart, corporate designs, these banners could be your best tool in creating a rapport with other customers, clients and even investors.

Make your tradeshow displays Regina work for you. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Size matters.Consider the layout of your exhibit booth when planning your signage design. Take note of your location, as well as the furniture you will use for your space. If you are in the center of the exhibit area, attract attendees by installing a hanging sign overhead. For booths with tables and chairs, floor standing signs work best to attract walking customers.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Just like an elevator pitch, your signage should be clear and concise enough to disclose all important information without satiating the customers. You want them to know further details by consulting your staff and get marketing materials. When choosing what to put in your signage, pick the most important element that sets you apart from other companies. Showcase your contact and social media information. Last but not least, include a single call to action to make customers close a sale.
  • Visibility is key. Tradeshow venues are often crowded, with hundreds of brands all clamoring for attention. Thus, it is important that you stand out from the rest of the pack. Perceptibility becomes a crucial factor in attracting more visitors. Thus, it is important to use banners that hover above your booth, making your brand visible from a distance. Make it colorful and visually appealing so your customers can find you among the competition.
  • Think of long term. Paying for a tradeshow booth can be very expensive. It’s important that you get the most out of your booth materials to make up for the cost. Using strong, robust materials for your tradeshow displays Regina gives you an opportunity to reuse them in future exhibits and will cut down your spending on annual tradeshows. With consistent branding evident in your display elements, customers are sure to have better recall and increased trust in your business.

Branding plays a big role in your business’ success, especially in niches that rely on trust and reputation. Joining a tradeshow is one way of letting your customer know that your company is reliable and serious to grow in its industry. By using impactful displays, you can position your company as a top niche within your market. This helps foster loyalty and familiarity in the eyes of the consumers.

Tradeshow displays Regina leverage your company among the sea of competition, that’s why you need the right provider in creating your exhibit display. If you’re planning to attend a tradeshow in the future, it is recommended that you partner with a reputable design company whom you can entrust your vision with. Start researching design companies early, as your designs may require months of lead time to make.

The perfect tradeshow display company for your business is the one that offers a wide variety of design choices you need. Modular display systems are easy to set up, and can be adjusted to suit any type of space. Customized tradeshow displays, however, helps in distinguishing your booth among the other exhibits. Other than design choices, experience is also a key attribute. The best graphic design companies are composed of dedicated teams with valued reputation in the community. See customer reviews and references to find great feedbacks about your selected provider.

Here at Signs Co., we have been serving our clients with 25 years of commitment. Our company produce excellent graphic design displays and signage for indoor and outdoor use. We’ll help you create your dream tradeshow display and convey the right message to your target audience. With a variety of signage size and styles, you have many options to decorate your exhibit booth in an educationally pleasing way. Talk to us and learn about the many possibilities of creating the right display for your brand.

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Are you looking forward to amplifying the impact of your upcoming tradeshow? Consider working with Signco Graphic Supply to uncover endless opportunities and streamline your event marketing process.

With more than 25 years of expertise in producing impactful graphics and signage, we know what it takes to design Regina trade show displays that set your brand apart from your competitors.

Our competent team goes above and beyond to develop world-class trade show displays that convey your brand message while attracting the target audience.

With our assistance, you can position your brand as the industry leader. With this USP, fostering customer loyalty becomes easy for your company.

Why choose Signco Graphic Supply for Regina trade show displays?

1- Custom solution
At Signco, we understand that no two tradeshows are similar. Hence, we work closely with your team to comprehend the basics of your tradeshow. Based on the details gathered we suggest you signage design and type that will best work for your tradeshow.

2- To-the-point messaging 
The graphic designers at Signco will design signage that has clear and concise information. They will also include relevant contact and social media information, making it easy for your target audience to contact you.

3- Highly visible designs 
To ensure your Regina trade show displays stand out from the crowd at the tradeshow venues, we design banners that feature impactful colours and easy-to-read letters and words. We make your banners visually appealing, making them easily visible to your target audience.

4- Long-term solution
To ensure you get the most out of your investment in the Regina trade show displays, we use strong and robust materials to create the displays. Banners created by us can be reused multiple times for future exhibits, too.

Partner with us today!
There are endless impacts of well-designed and well-fabricated trade show displays. If you are ready to experience those impacts first-hand, seek Signco Graphic Supply’s assistance right away!